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Reference index to issues and articles about Los Cabos history and pioneers. Issue name and year plus the featured pioneer highlighted. March 2016: Cabo Living Magazine is produced by Showcase Publishing and is celebrating its 15th Anniversary as Los Cabos and Southern Baja’s #1 magazine.  See more at:

summer-fall-2016-cabo-living-1Summer / Fall 2016 • 15th Anniversary
Edith Jimenez, Sammy Hagar, Bob Bisbee, Ron Hatfield, Chris Snell, Blanca Pedrin, Tracy & Marco Ehrenberg, Leticia Díaz Rivera & the Díaz Rivera Family, Eduardo Sánchez Navarro, Ken Jowdy, Ernesto Coppel, Bob Kirstine, John Pentz, Jorge Carrera.
Editor’s Message by Dave Leathers.  Looking back on 15 years in Baja: There’s a lot of people to thank for our success, starting with you, the reader.

spring-2016-cabo-living-4029-2Spring 2016
A Jewel in La Paz. Set on the Sea of Cortez, Costa Baja has it all.
Magical Cabo Pulmo. There is an ongoing ecological majesty of this special place in the sea. library.

winter-2015-cabo-living-1Winter 2015
Baja Pioneers
E. Guillermo Salas Peyró  by Michael Koehn
Communications revolutionary and Baja visionary. library.


Winter 2014
Baja Pioneers: Sebastián Romo-Santillan “Capi Romo”.  Starting at age 18, the aeronautical genius melded a passion for flying with a love for Baja Sur. The results are still felt in Los Cabos today.

cabo-living-summer-fall-2014-4015-r2Summer / Fall 2014
Luis Herrera
From Señior Frog’s to Club Ninety Six and now the two beloved H restaurants, his mark on the Cabo dining scene is indeed remarkable. library.

winter-2013-clmWinter 2013
Marco Antonio Monroy Milan
It was 1969 when a budding architect first set eyes on Los Cabos. Now at 75, the still active Baja pioneer recalls the many memories that made his hometown great. library.

winter-2012-cabo-living-2Winter 2012
Baja Pioneers: Jesus Chuy Valdez
This entrepreneur helped to introduce hospitality, a world-class fishing resort, conservation and much more to the East Cape

summer-fall-2012-cabo-living-4023-2Summer / Fall 2012
Ron Hatfield: In his own words. The developer and president of Del Mar Development.
The Reincarnated Hacienda. Beach Club and Residences. library.

spring-2012-cabo-living_4024-2Spring  2012
Bobbie Van Wormer, Sr. library.


Cabo W11 cover-miniWinter 2011



spring-2011-cabo-living-4021-2Spring 2011
A man of his word. Jerry Nelson proves that honesty, integrity and charity in business make for a solid ground to stand on. library.


winter-2010-cabo-living-4034-2Winter 2010 library.


Summer / Fall 2009

spring-2009-cabo-living-4032-2Spring 2009
Los Cabos Pangas.
The Majestic and Incomparable homes of Querencia by Elizabeth Lombardo. library.

back_w08Winter 2008




Summer / Fall 2008



spring-2008-cabo-living-4022-2Spring 2008 library.


back_w07Winter 2007
Cabo Pioneers: Don Luis Bulnes Molleda
The vision and determination of Don Luis Bulnes Molleda was critical in initiating the booming tourism movement in Los Cabos.

summer-fall-2007-cabo-living-4027-2Summer / Fall 2007 library.


spring-2007-cabo-living-4020-2Spring 2007 library.


winter-2006-cabo-living-4122-2Winter 2006

Robert “Baja Bob” Jackson. A visionary in his onw right. Robert Jackson is another founding father. library.

summer-fall-2006-clm-2Summer / Fall 2006
Sammy & Company
Cabo Living magazine visits with Rock ‘n’ Roll legend and his family library.