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Edward Carriveau


His photos are being administered by Beverly Parsons.


Interesting and informative blog posts about the latest news from Baja California Sur, with special attention to citizen complaints and social services.  Hermelinda Vargas is the Directora General de Colectivo Pericú. Reconocimiento Nacional de la Universidad de Guadalajara 2018 por el periodismo de investigación.  Site was founded on November 18, 2012.  E-mail:; Website:

El Bable – The blog of Benjamin Arredondo
Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 4.05.01 PMThis site has a lot of great historic information about the Los Cabos regions and other parts of México. Many great, old photos as well. He attended Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara and lives in Salamanca, Guanajuato, Mexico.

A Brief History of Los Cabos, Part I: The Mystery of the Pericúes

A drawing of two Pericú women by George Shelvocke, an English privateer who visited the Capes Region during the early 18th century.

The first human inhabitants of what is now Los Cabos were the Pericú, a hunting and gathering tribe whose territory not only included the southernmost part of the peninsula but also the East Cape and the islands closest to La Paz: Cerralvo, Espírtu Santo, Partida, and San José. They might also have occupied the land that is present-day La Paz, although it’s thought this area was constantly disputed between the Pericúes and their northern neighbors, the Guaycura.  Read more here:


Images Of Baja California : Baja California, 1967-1992 : Photographs  by Harry Crosby on the Internet

harry-crosby-imagesThe Native Americans of the central and lower peninsula disappeared after less than two centuries of exposure to alien diseases and European ideological and economic domination. Their material remains are few and, for the most part, inconspicuous. Thirty years ago, during my first major adventure in Baja California, I was guided to magnificent displays of rock art, paintings and engravings.


church-san-jose-1957-m91-71-02BAJA CALIFORNIA, 1950-1967:
Photographs by Howard E. Gulick

Gulick made hundreds of photographs of Baja California’s landscapes, coastlines, cities and built environment.

San José del Cabo. 1957. “San José, with its mild climate, somnolent atmosphere and beautiful surroundings, is certainly one of the most attractive towns in Baja California. The original site of the Jesuit mission of San José, founded in 1730, was on the beach at the west end of the estero, adjacent to the cemetery.”

cannery-cabo-m91-71-15The Mandeville Special Collections Library houses Gulick’s Baja California-related papers, including his original travel journals, correspondence, map materials and, notably, his photographic slides. A selection of Gulick’s Baja California images dating from the 1950s and 1960s can be found on the link below.  The website states that all quotes regarding his images are from the 1956 edition (the first edition) of the Lower California Guidebook. The photos in this collection are spectacular.
Photos of San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas start at this link.


Baja California Sur, Yesterday and Today
Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 3.47.35 PMImages of old Baja California Sur, legends, traditions and more. This place was called by ancient native groups as “Yenekamu”. The first Spanish explorers who discovered the place and recorded cartographically gave land east end of the name of Luke (Lucas). Yet at that time it was not known that this land was a peninsula.


Baja California : The Pacific Coast Of Mexico – 1949 Travelogue / Educational Documentary

Cabo San Lucas is featured in the last two minutes.



Cabo San Lucas – A Brief History
By C.W. Ferguson – 2002

Painting of Clifford W. Ferguson, Cabo San Lucas c. 2006
Painting of Clifford W. Ferguson, Cabo San Lucas
c. 2006

Hernan Cortez sat in his headquarters on the Isthmus of Tehuantepec scheming about what he might conquer next. Bingo! A shipwreck survivor reported an island ten sailing days north that was populated by Amazons and was rich in gold and pearls. That sounded to Hernán like the fabled island of California ruled by the Amazonian Queen, Calafia. He fairly drooled at the thought. “Andale, hombre”, he told his ship builder, “get on with it”.

 In 1535, with three galleons and a compliment of over 600 men and women, Hernan sailed into a tranquil bay which he promptly named Santa Cruz. It didn’t take him long to figure out that there weren’t no gold and there weren’t no Amazons, neither.   continue reading . . .


cabo-susan-hoffmaster-crow-1984Cabo San Lucas

by: Susan Hoffmaster Crow
Graphic Image Publications, 1984
Published 1984 by Graphic Image Publications in La Jolla, CA .
Written in English.
Classifications: Dewey Decimal Class     917.2/24 – Library of Congress     F1391.C14 C76 1984
Ordered: 28 June 2015


History of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Website
Note: MexFish photos are not authorized to be used on this site.


ufsccov-1The Unforgettable Sea of Cortez
Baja California’s Golden Age 1947-1977
The Life And Writings Of Ray Cannon
By Gene Kira. First Printing 1999; Replica Second Printing 2008. 362 Pages, Hard Cover, 8.5″ x 11″.  History of Baja California Sport Fishing. A Keepsake, Presentation Quality Volume. Text of more than 197,000 Words – More than 400 Historic Baja Photos – $49.95 + Shipping & Sales Tax – Replica Second Printing 2008.
Note: MexFish photos are not authorized to be used on this site.


Cabo Falso:  El Faro del Fin de la Tierra ( The Lighthouse at the End of the Earth)

Domingo Saiza Castro Presenta:  Historia de Baja California.
Domingo Saiza Castro Presenta:  Historia de Baja California.

A history of Baja California Sur presented by  Domingo Saiza Castro. This site is in Spanish but has some good information and very nice old images.

During the last decade of the nineteenth century and the first three decades of the twentieth century maritime activity was one of the most significant events in the history of development of Baja California Sur. The old lighthouse at False Cape is the only witness of the time, and is the ultimate icon of the history of navigation in our state.


Celestino Atienzo

Old photos of Los Cabos but very low resolution. Spanish only.


el-san-lucas-faustina-wilkes-2010El San Lucas que ya conocí
By Maria Faustina Wilkes Ritchie
2010 First Edition (Spanish)
Mrs. Maria Faustina has been praised several times for his career, renowned teacher and scholar origin “cabeño” that has driven the future of hundreds of children, strengthened the character of youth and pride of his contemporaries to rescue from the ground history , culture and traditions of the region of Cabo San Lucas. As a student of the past now becomes the voice of those who had wanted to tell their memories.


Latitude 22 The Road House Cabo • Original Home of "No Bad Days". Photo taken May 2004 © Joseph A. Tyson • OldCabo.comLatitude 22 The Road House Cabo
Original Home of “No Bad Days”
The Roadhouse is Cabo San Lucas Restaurant and Bar which features great food and drink. Come see the famous Peter Bacon as he is our featured live music entertainment.


PhotoMexico • Francisco Estrada
ctdl-D0000VavffcVVFE4If you need a professional and affordable specialist in the Los Cabos area, look no further.  Based in Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Mexico, photographer Francisco Estrada is the dynamic and creative force behind Photomexico. Bringing over 12 years of experience to each project, his edgy and creative style offers a fresh approach to advertising & commercial photography.
Home Page:



Fotos Antiguas Baja California Sur
Lugar para publicar y compartir con todos la belleza de nuestras ciudades y paisajes de la histórica California. Place to publish and share with everyone the beauty of our cities and landscapes of historic California.  Image source:


Island Princess seen from Royal Princess, entering Cabo san Lucas anchorage. Photo Alan MacKenzie.
Island Princess seen from Royal Princess, entering Cabo San Lucas anchorage. Photo Alan MacKenzie.

 Alan MacKenzie
Memories of 26 Years at Sea

“Alan MacKenzie has made a huge contributed to the SeaDogs website with over 200 photos and a 6378 word essay about his amazing 26 year career. Brilliant stuff, thanks Alan. To reduce the loading time I’ve split it all up into 9 separate pages listed under the ships that Alan sailed on.  I have spent literally, hours going through it (I think I’ve just about seen it all now) and bits are just so nostalgic it almost hurts! ”
The above is an excerpt from the Seadogs website, regarding Alan KacKenzie.


Natural History Museum
museo-de-cabo-san-lucas-2015-1559in Cabo San Lucas
Plaza Amelia Wilkes, downtown Cabo San Lucas entre Lázaro Cardenas y Miguel Hidalgo Centro CP 23410, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur.
Review by Chris Sands, July 2015.
Tel. (624) 125 03 69, 105 06 61

Photograph taken July 2015.
Read more here:

PhotoMexico – Francisco Estrada
francisco-estrada-photomexico-caboBased in Los Cabos, Mexico, photographer Francisco Estrada is the dynamic and creative force behind Photomexico. Bringing over 14 years of experience to each project, his edgy and creative style offers a fresh approach to advertising & commercial photography.
With a professional studio is Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Photomexico can provide a customized studio shoot, or bring their equipment to you and provide a full-service location shoot. If you need a professional and affordable specialist in the Los Cabos area, look no further. After 8 years and hundreds of projects in the area, Francisco is undoubtedly an expert you can trust.


CSL+1979En 2012 tuve la oportunidad de participar en un parte muy pequeña dentro de la organización del evento internacional que se catalogó como el de mayor importancia del sexenio calderonista. Esta es la memora gráfica de lo que experimenté en esos días.
marzo 22, 2012. Los Cabos, su avance en 30 años.

En aquellos años eran pocos los hoteles, los servicios y los habitantes de la región, por lo tanto eran más bien pocos los turistas que podían llegar hasta acá. En esta toma hecha desde la antigua empacadora de atún Pando, vemos al fondo, a la derecha eso que muchos conocimos como Hotel Hacienda, pero que antes fue uno de los lujosos hoteles Camino Real, ellos se fueron, como se fue también Hyatt, prestigiosas compañías con altos estándares de calidad que, ante la presión local, prefirieron mejor abandonar Los Cabos.

 From Google Translate:  In those years there were few hotels, services and people in the region, so were rather few tourists could get here. In this shot made from old packing tuna Pando, we see the bottom, right why many we met as Hotel Hacienda, but first was one of the luxurious Camino Real Hotel, they were, as was also Hyatt, prestigious companies with high quality standards, to local pressure, preferred better leave Los Cabos.


explorations-lower-california-1868EXPLORATIONS IN LOWER CALIFORNIA: 1868 (as seen through the eyes and pen of J. Ross Browne)
As I collect old, out of print works on Baja… and find things that I think would be of interest… I will post them here for you to enjoy. J. Ross Browne’s artwork from his travels in Baja and the Southwest in the 1860’s is well known and provides a unique perspective into the hardships of life in those days.


Photographs by Marquis McDonald
site-san-jose-del-cabo-mission-mcdonaldMarquis McDonald traveled the length of the Baja California peninsula in a Jeep with his friend Glenn Oster. Inspired by Arthur W. North’s 1905 mule-back journey described in the book Camp and Camino in Lower California the two men set out in the fall of 1949 to visit all the known mission locations in Baja California. In 1968 McDonald published a book about the adventure, Baja: land of lost missions. Mandeville Special Collections houses over 150 original photographs by McDonald which document the peninsula’s missions, ruins, and scenery. A selection here follows. All quoted text from McDonald’s book.


Stewart, James R., 1927-

James Ronald Stewart served as diving officer for the Scripps Institution of Oceanography from 1960-1991. During this period, Stewart developed scuba diving training procedures, equipment standards and diving manuals that became a model for scientific diving in the United States and influenced diving practice internationally.


Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 8.24.11 AMCABO SAN LUCAS
It is estimated that the first human groups arrived in the southern part of the peninsula about 15 thousand years ago. These sites have a large number of images and  source of historical information.


Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 7.10.33 AMMINISUPER MANDY
raul verdugo villarino
Minisuper Mandy, ofrece una basta y seleccionada colección de fotos de la Península de California México, desde Mexicali, Tijuana, Ensenada, hasta La Paz, San José del Cabo, y Cabo San Lucas. Baja California y Baja California Sur, unidas en esta exposición gráfica. Explorando la Península de Baja California, norte y sur, sus habitantes, bellezas naturales, flora y fauna. Ademas una muy basta colección de fotos históricas, y de la cotidianidad.


 The sacking of the galleon Santa Ana
candish-1by Hector Santos © 1996, 1997 by Hector Santos.
All rights reserved.
Read the recap of the battle and sacking of the galleon Santa Ana by Thomas Cavendish (also Candish) off the coast of Cabo San Lucas in 1857.

“In fact, two English ships under the command of twenty-seven-year-old Thomas Cavendish were already stationed around San Lucas, then believed to be the southern extremity of the island of California.”

Santos, Hector. “The sacking of the galleon Santa Ana” in Sulat sa Tansô at
US, April 5, 1997.

Scented Soil: San Jose Mission (1730-1840)

Tendencia – El Arte de Viajar –  In 1730, Nicholas Tamaral arrived either by sea or by land at a place on the coast where there was fresh water; perhaps an oasis or a stream. Looking for a location with suitable conditions, he found a place on a hill with a breathtaking view where he decided to establish the mission. In 1734, he was martyred by the rebellion of indigenous people. The building was destroyed to some extent and abandoned. The region became a visit for missionaries who came at times to celebrate Mass and continue the evangelization. The spiritual conquest ended in 1840 with the abandonment of the missions in Southern California.…ission-1730-1840/

An approach to the process of urbanization in Baja California Sur during the porfirian period: the case of San Jose del Cabo

San Jose del Cabo 1907.
San Jose del Cabo 1907.
Edith González Cruz, José Ignacio Rivas Hernández
y Luis Arturo Torres Rojo

Departamento de Humanidades de la Universidad Autónoma de Baja California Sur. Correo electrónico:,,


View of Hotel Hacienda Beach Resort from Cabo San Lucas Bay in 1966. Source: Three friends of Bette Sutherin.
View of Hotel Hacienda Beach Resort from Cabo San Lucas Bay in 1966.

Beachfront Condo at La Jolla
Permission for use of the 1966 black and white images on this page.
provided by the friends of Bette Sutherlin via email.