Camp and Camino in Lower California

Camp and Camino in Lower California

 Explorations and Adventures on the Baja 1908 – 1910

by Arthur W. North

The Camp and Camino in Lower California. Reprint

A record of the adventures of the author while exploring peninsular California, Mexico, by Arthur Walbridge North . with a foreword by Admiral Robley D. Evans, U.S.N. Reprint of the 1910 book. This edition © 1977.

AUTHOR’S PREFACE:  If when writing the closing chapter of this volume I could have looked ahead, reading in the future that a year and a half must intervene before final revision, such prospective delay would have been almost incomprehensible to me. And yet you who peruse these pages may smilingly understand how their author might turn abruptly from conventional life, seeking anew the fascination of the frontier.