Cabo San Lucas Bay 1968

Cabo San Lucas Bay in 1968

This a picture of Trollop that we sailed into the Cape in 1968. The bay was alive with fish because the cannery was pumping all the fish parts into the bay they did not use.


There were only two lights on shore at three in the morning when we arrived. The Hacienda and one in the village. See the smoke coming up from the cannery? Unbelievable what happened. Telling my age

Photo courtesy Bill Stein – See larger image of Cabo Bay 1968

Other images by Bill Stein

Cruise Ship Puerto Vallarta in Cabo San Lucas Bay 1970s


Cruise Ship Puerto Vallarta in Cabo San Lucas Bay 1970s

Post Card photo byJavier Cota circa 1970’s, Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Cruise ship Puerto Vallarta in Cabo San Lucas Bay c1970s Photo Javier Cota
Cruise ship Puerto Vallarta in Cabo San Lucas Bay c1970s Photo Javier Cota

Cruise Ship (Transbordador) Puerto Vallarto in Cabo San Lucas Bay circa 1970s. Photo by Javier Cota.

Cabo San Lucas 1970


Photographs of Medano Beach area of Cabo San Lucas in 1970

Collection of spectacular old photographs taken by Edward Carriveau showing Cabo San Lucas in 1970.

Beverly Parsons has uploaded many great images of Cabo San Lucas taken during 1970.  Cabo San Lucas town, beaches, faces, and fishermen. See them on her Facebook page.  Photos taken by her father, Edward Carriveau.



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See them on Facebook. Photos by Edward Carriveau


Hotel Hacienda Cabo 1966

Photo of Hotel Hacienda Cabo on Medano Beach, or Playa el Médano circa 1966.

The most recent source of this image is from a Facebook post by Maria Faustina Wilkes Ritchie.


“Buenos Dias. This photo is full of a thousand memories. At that time to operate all the services focused on tourism hoteliers gave lodging, laundry and three meal  to all employees. In this photo in the lower left corner are the rooms and dining room for the aforementioned, so tourism began in Cabo San Lucas. I do not know the credit of this photo. It has much history of course. Greetings”   Maria Faustina Wilkes Ritchie

Text on the image:  1966 Hotel Hacienda de Abelardo L. Rodriguez

Maria Faustina Wilkes Ritchie is the author of the book  El San Lucas que ya conoci or The San Lucas You Already Know.

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