Los Cabos Area Then and Now

Left: This Cliff Cross map from his 1970 Baja California Mexico Guide shows what the Los Cabos region looked like in the 1970’s. RIght: This 2013 Overview map hows the Los Cabos Region today.

Baja California Mexico by Road, Airplane and Boat


Paperback – 1970 (1970-71 Edition)
Baja California Mexico by Road, Airplane and Boat
by Cliff Cross (Author)
Publisher: Cliff Cross (1970)
Product Dimensions: 10.9 x 8.3 x 0.6 inches. 170 pages, 60 maps of roads cities villages, detailed route logs, side trips, history, hunting fishing, 450 pictures points of interest, resorts hotels, trailer space, camping, important travel information. Very artistic and accurate hand drawn maps.


Page 158 – San José del Cabo, Baja California México, by Cliff Cross
cabo-tuna-cannery-pier Cliff Cross-1970-5147

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Fishing Cabo San Lucas 1970

Earl Warren and others next to Caught Marlins in Cabo San Lucas, during the year 1970. Sign shows the hotel name as El Camino Real. This property later became Hacienda Beach Resort.fishing-cabo-1970-mss87-1_b1_f11_o0030_0001Source: University of Virginia Law Library, University of Virginia.
Color photograph of Earl Warren (far left) and others standing next to caught marlins in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The caption on the back reads “Fishing Cabo San Lucas 1970.”

Collection: The Papers of Chief Justice Earl Warren, 1951-1970