Essential Books about Los Cabos

This is a list provided by writer Chris Sands suggesting essential books written about the history of Cabo San Lucas, San José del Cabo, Los Cabos, and Baja Califorina Sur. This list is in order of the author by last name. The title of the books are listed first.

English Privateers at Cabo San Lucas –  by Thomas F. Andrews

The Natural and Human History of Baja California
by Homer Aschmann

Observations in Lower California – by Jakob Baegart

Flight of the Least Petrel  –  by Griffing Bancroft

Native Races of the Pacific States  – by Hubert H. Bancroft

Almost an Island  –  by Bruce Berger

Rim of Christendom –  by Herbert Eugene Bolton 

Explorations in Lower California – J. Ross Browne, Spencer Murray

The Sea of Cortez – Ray Cannon

Trails and Tales of Baja – by Pel Carter

The History of (Lower) California – by Francisco Javier Clavijero 

The Extent and Significance of Disease Among the Indians of Baja California – by Sherburne F. Cook

Antigua California  – by Harry Crosby

Cave Paintings of Baja California – by Harry Crosby

The King’s Highway in Baja California – by Harry Crosby

Last of the Californios – by Harry Crosby

Black Robes in Lower California – by Peter Marsten Dunne, S.J.

The Missions and Missionaries of California – by Engelhardt, Zephyrin

The Journey of the Flame – by Antonio de Fierro Blanco (Walter Nordhoff) 

The Hidden Heart of Baja – by Erle Stanley Gardner 

The Land of the Shorter Shadows – by Erle Stanley Gardner 

Off The Beaten Track in Baja – by Erle Stanley Gardner 

Pirates on the West Coast of New Spain – by Peter Gerhard 

The Unforgettable Sea of Cortez: Baja California’s Golden Age, 1947 – 1977 – by Gene S. Kira 

The Prehistory of Baja California: Advances in the Archaeology of the Forgotten Peninsula – by Don Laylander 

Historia de Baja California, or History of Lower California – by Pablo L. Martinez

 Guía Familiar de Baja California, 1700 – 1900, or Family Guide of Baja California – by Pablo L. Martinez

Cattle Brands of Baja California Sur, 1809 – 1885 – by Michael Mathes 

Miraculous Air – by C.M. Mayo

The Dominican Mission Frontier of Lower California – by Peveril Meigs 

The Cora Indians of Baja California – by Ignacio María Nápoli 

Lower California and its Natural Resources – by Edward W. Nelson –

Camp and Camino in Lower California – by Arthur  W. North

 The Mother of California – by Arthur  W. North

Loreto, Baja California: First Mission and Capital of Spanish California – by Don and Ann O’Neil 

The Manila Galleon – by William Lytle Schurz 

Sea of Cortez: A Leisurely Journey of Travel and Research
by John Steinbeck and E. F. Ricketts

The Pearl – by John Steinbeck

The Indian Uprising in Lower California – by  Sigismundo Taraval 

Juan María de Salvatierra of the Company of Jesus – by Miguel Venegas 

Missionary in the Province of New Spain, and Apostolic Conqueror of the Californias

Las Misiones Antiguas: The Spanish Missions of Baja California – by  Edward W. Vernon

A Maritime History of Baja California – by  Edward W. Vernon

The Peninsular California Missions, 1808 – 1880
by Monsignor Francis J. Weber

 Some of these books are listed, with more details, and some photos, on our resources page about Los Cabos books.