Padre Ignacio Tirsch circa 1762

The following is a quote from  this site.
“These images are so beautiful that they actually make me feel the pangs of nostalgia–for a Mexico I never saw and never will see.  Circa 1762, they are the work of Father Ignacio Tirsch,  Jesuit missionary to the Baja peninsula, who over the five years of his sojourn there created a portfolio of forty-eight drawings rich in garden history; recording both productive and decorative landscapes, as well as native flora.  The entire volume–architecture, costumes, flora and fauna–is a treasure of the Czech National Library, online at manuscriptorium (click on ‘facsimile’ to see the images).”

San Jose del Cabo, by Father Ingacio Tirsch, Circa 1762

Title: TIRSCH, Ignác