Cabo San Lucas Bay 1968

Cabo San Lucas Bay in 1968

This a picture of Trollop that we sailed into the Cape in 1968. The bay was alive with fish because the cannery was pumping all the fish parts into the bay they did not use.


There were only two lights on shore at three in the morning when we arrived. The Hacienda and one in the village. See the smoke coming up from the cannery? Unbelievable what happened. Telling my age

Photo courtesy Bill Stein – See larger image of Cabo Bay 1968

Other images by Bill Stein

Flood of 1939 Cabo San Lucas


Flood of 1939 Cabo San Lucas

Photo courtesy Maria Faustina Wilkes Ritchie

September 15, 1939. The previous night a great gust of water fell through the mountains that opened the course of the Salto de San Nicolás stream, destroying the town of Cabo San Lucas, not only destroyed the town but also drowned 5 people, in this house a mass offered by Father Daniel Zabala had been officiated, the neighbors gathered, praying for the ranches and for them, since it had been raining for several days, the great consternation was that 3 “snakes” of water loaded into the sea, through the town. Wilkes Family House Ceseña my grandparents, are the people. Mr. Ezequiel Araiza mail chauffeur that car was tied to an acasia tree, my father, Paco WILKES Ceseña, THE FATHER AND THE BELLA TĪA CHAYO AND TORRAS people. Current location  is near  Arre Mango, dowtown Cabo San Lucas.


15 de Septiembre 1939. La noche anterior cayó por la sierra una gran tromba que abriø el cauce del arroyo del Salto de San Nicolás arrasando el poblado de Cabo San Lucas, no solo destruyø el pueblo sino que también se ahogaron 5 personas, en esta casa se había oficiado una misa ofrecida por el padre Daniel Zabala,se reunieron los vecinos orando por las rancherías y por ellos ya que tenía lloviendo en forma pertináz varios días la consternación tan grande es que 3″culebras” de agua cargaron en el mar pasando a través del pueblo. Casa de la Familia Wilkes Ceseña mis abuelos, son las personas el Sr Ezequiel Araiza chofer del correo ese carro fué atado a un arbol de acasia, mi papæ Paco WILKES, EL PADRE Y LA BELLA TĪA CHAYO Y Torras personas. Ubicaciøn actual por Arre mango.

Photo courtesy Maria Faustina Wilkes Ritchie

Arch at Lands End 1910


The Arch at Lands End  Cabo San Lucas 1911

 Panoramic view of Lands End Cabo San Lucas.  Photo by Javier Cota 1910.

Panoramic view of Lands End Cabo San Lucas from The Schooner “ALBATROSS” Photo by Javier Cota 1910. Post card shows the date of 1911.


Cabo San Lucas 1970


Photographs of Medano Beach area of Cabo San Lucas in 1970

Collection of spectacular old photographs taken by Edward Carriveau showing Cabo San Lucas in 1970.

Beverly Parsons has uploaded many great images of Cabo San Lucas taken during 1970.  Cabo San Lucas town, beaches, faces, and fishermen. See them on her Facebook page.  Photos taken by her father, Edward Carriveau.



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See them on Facebook. Photos by Edward Carriveau