Puerto Vallarta Ferry Cabo Harbor 1975

Puerto Vallarta Ferry Cabo Harbor 1975

Puerto Vallarta Ferry Cabo Harbor 1975

1975, In its first arrivals the Ferry on its route from Puerto Vallarta (non-existent service) to the bottom of Hotel Finisterra which opened in 1967
Marina of Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico. Photo by courtesy of René Cota Bertín  p / Minisuper MANDY facebook

Cabo San Lucas Fishermen 1970


Cabo San Lucas Fishermen on Medano Beach 1970

Photos © 1970  by Edward Carriveau

Fishermen with their Pangas and catch on Medano Beach circa 1970, near Hacienda Beach Resort Cabo San Lucas.

More images by  Edward Carriveau 1970



Cabo San Lucas 1970


Photographs of Medano Beach area of Cabo San Lucas in 1970

Collection of spectacular old photographs taken by Edward Carriveau showing Cabo San Lucas in 1970.

Beverly Parsons has uploaded many great images of Cabo San Lucas taken during 1970.  Cabo San Lucas town, beaches, faces, and fishermen. See them on her Facebook page.  Photos taken by her father, Edward Carriveau. 




All images are copyright by the owner.

See them on Facebook. Photos by Edward Carriveau


Javier Cota

Cabo San Lucas 1966, Edicion: Javier Cota M.

Javier Cota M.  Photographer

Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos Baja California Sur, Mexico.

The Images on this page show the photographer as Javier Cota M.  I am not certain that Javier Cota and Javier Cota M. are the same person.

Ferry ship at Cabo San Lucas circa 1970s – Photo Javier Cota

Javier Cota – Facebook page