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This is a selection of some of the books in our travel library or that have been loaned to us for research. Most are generally written about the Baja California Peninsula but contain a section or comments about Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo and the Los Cabos region.  Many of these books can be purchased online through or other sources.


51R9F1AVECL._SX362_BO1,204,203,200_Antigua California:
Mission and Colony on
the Peninsular Frontier, 1697-1768

By Harry W. Crosby. (University of Arizona Southwest Center Book)
Hardcover – May 1, 1994 – jat

First published in 1994 and now available again, this Spanish Borderlands classic recounts Jesuit colonization of the Old California, the peninsula now known as Baja California. Jesuit missionaries founded their first settlement in 1697 and unintentionally created a Hispanic society that outlived the missions and their Indian converts. The author brings to light Jesuit missionization and culture, European-Indian contacts, mission and presidio operations, family social life, the unique peninsular economy, and the Jesuit expulsion.  More here: or here:

Adventures to Land’s End. the Wonders of Baja California

“How many dreams we have of a vacation that can be truly be called an adventure!” The Complete “New Road” Baja Travel Book: Strip Maps, Side Trips, Tour – Color Illustrated. By Paul Fischer
First edition (January 1, 1975)
Soft cover, perfect bind 175 pages
Publisher: ARS Publications] (1975)
Language: English – ASIN: B0006XFK24

Angler’s Guide to Baja California

anglers-guide-baja-miller-1984-r2The most detailed guide to fishing the Baja Waters ever written.
By Tom Miiler. Illustration by Charles Larson. Baja Trail Publications, Inc., Huntington Beach, California.
Paperback, 6 x 9 inches, 128 pages plus covers. Black and white photography, illustrated maps, and drawings of fish and other sea creatures from the area. There is a dedication to Ray Cannon.

baja-calif-geo-hope-krutch-porter-0425-2Baja California and the Geography of Hope

Text by Joseph Wood Krutch,
Photographs by Eliot Porter
Volume 17 of Sierra Club exhibit format series. Illustrated by Eliot Porter, Contributor Sierra Club, Publisher Sierra Club, 1967, Length 174 pages. There are two versions: soft cover and hard cover.

cabo-cookbook-2012-6460-r2Cabo Cookbook

Regional Inspiration and Culinary Flair.
A Culinary Tradition: Rapidly Evolving
Author: Carmen Carbajal
Editor: Ramón Andrés García
Photographs by David Chavolla
Published: 2012
Length: 237 pages

summer-fall-2016-cabo-livingCabo Living Magazine

Each issue usually features an article about the history of Los Cabos  of one the pioneers of the region. Published three times a year, Cabo Living Magazine brings to you in large format living color the best that Los Cabos and the surrounding area have to offer.  See more at:
See our Gallery of Cabo Living Magazine covers:

cabo-susan-hoffmaster-crow-1984Cabo San Lucas

Paperback – August, 1984
by Susan Hoffmaster Crow (Author)
Paperback: 111 pages
Publisher: Graphic Image Publications; 1st edition (August 1984)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0912457007
ISBN-13: 978-0912457000
Product Dimensions:
8.8 x 5.9 x 0.2 inches – jat
Dedication: My sincere thanks and gratitude for their help in putting this book together to to Luis Bulnes and his lovely family for helping me gather information, historical and present day, about Cabo San Lucas; to my loving husband, Hurb, for all his help and for his wonderful photographs and last, but hardly least to my parents for all their love, help and support. I could not have done it without them.

desert-country-near-sea-zwingerA Desert Country Near the Sea: A Natural History of the Cape Region of Baja California

Hardcover – October, 1983
by Ann Zwinger (Author) – jat
A Desert County Near The Seas is a prize-winning naturalist’s personal guide to the flora, fauna, and history of a fascinating region. For fifteen years Ann Zwinger, winner of the John Burroughs Medal award, has been visiting the southern tip of Baja California, the long peninsula that juts southeast below the California-Mexico border. Captivated by the area’s harsh beauty, it’s dramatic contrast of arid desert and tropical sea, she has climbed its rocky, 5,000-foot mountains, explored its great variety of beaches

El San Lucas que ya conocí

El San Lucas que ya conocí by Maria Faustina Wilkes Ritchie. 2010
El San Lucas que ya conocí by Maria Faustina Wilkes Ritchie. 2010

The San Lucas I already knew.
By Maria Faustina Wilkes Ritchie. 2010 First Edition (Spanish)  Mrs. Maria Faustina has been praised several times for his career, renowned teacher and scholar origin “cabeño” that has driven the future of hundreds of children, strengthened the character of youth and pride of his contemporaries to rescue from the ground history , culture and traditions of the region of Cabo San Lucas. As a student of the past now becomes the voice of those who had wanted to tell their memories. –  jat
Read more here: 
El San Lucas que ya conocí

explorations-lower-california-1868EXPLORATIONS IN LOWER CALIFORNIA: 1868 (as seen through the eyes and pen of J. Ross Browne)

Hard cover.  John Ross Browne, often called J. Ross Browne, (Feb 11, 1821 to Dec 9, 1875). As I collect old, out of print works on Baja… and find things that I think would be of interest… I will post them here for you to enjoy. J. Ross Browne’s artwork from his travels in Baja and the Southwest in the 1860’s is well known and provides a unique perspective into the hardships of life in those days. “

51QC1BK8MSLLost Cabos …The Way It Was

Paperback – March, 2002
by Robert E. Jackson (Author), Cynthia Nelson (Author)
Lost Cabos … The Way It Was is a trip through the recent history of the Cabo region from the early days, when Cabo was an out-of-the-way fishing village, to the 21st century, when the few small hotels had become wistful memories among the large resorts, timeshares, nightclubs, and golf courses that have taken their place.
Robert “Baja Bob” Jackson not only witnessed Cabo’s transformation; he was part of it. Lost Cabos chronicles the parallel histories of Cabo and the Suites at Palmilla that Jackson built and turned into one of the world’s premier resorts.  – jat

lower-california-guidebookLower California Guidebook: A descriptive traveler’s guide

(Clark guidebooks) Hardcover – 1967
by Peter Gerhard (Author)
Hardcover: 243 pages, Publisher: A.H. Clark Co; 4th edition (1967)
Language: English – ASIN: B0007DTR1I
Product Dimensions:
8.4 x 5.6 x 0.7 inches
This book was THE BIBLE for travel in baja in the 60’s and early 70’s. There are probably better books and maps for modern travel but if you are interested in discovering Old Baja there is NOTHING that can beat it. It features a mile by mile travelog with side routes. The 4th edition should have detailed black and white section maps and a fold out colored overall map. Be sure the maps are intact before you buy. Sometimes they get torn out.

the-sea-of-cortez-1966The Sea of Cortez
Gulf of California, Baja, Mainland Coast.

(A Sunset Book) Hardcover
First Printing 1966 – jat
by Raymond Cannon (Author)
Beautifully illustrated book on the Sea of Cortez, Gulf of California, Baja, Mainland Coast: Mexico’s Primitive Frontier featuring history, travel discoveries, fishing and adventure.
Quote from the the introduction: “The Story of The Sea of Cortez, a primitive world of beauty and adventure that begins less than fifty miles below the southwest border of the United States.”

ufsccov-1The Unforgettable Sea of Cortez – Baja California’s Golden Age

1947-1977. The Life And Writings Of Ray Cannon By Gene Kira
First Printing 1999; Replica Second Printing 2008. 362 Pages, Hard Cover, 8.5″ x 11″.  History of Baja California Sport Fishing.
A Keepsake, Presentation Quality Volume. Text of more than 197,000 Words – More than 400 Historic Baja Photos – $49.95 + Shipping & Sales Tax – Replica Second Printing 2008.  – jat